DEVI seminar – Sébastien Gadat

23/02/2017 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – How to calculate the barycenter of a (large) graph?. This talk aims to describe an algorithm for locating the barycenter of discrete structures like weighted graphs. Such structures are commonly used for database description, or for modeling internet communication modeling, road or airline traffic, etc. The computation of this kind of structure, for a possibly […]

DEVI seminar – Sébastien Gerchinovitz

12/01/2017 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Adversarial multi-armed bandits: an online-learning problem with robustness guarantees. In this talk we address the so-called “adversarial” multi-armed bandit problem, where no assumption is made on the sequence of payoffs received by the learner. This worst-case viewpoint provides robustness guarantees, together with online techniques for automatic parameter tuning. We will first introduce the classical bandit […]

27th (EC)² Conference on Big Data

16/12/2016 – 17/12/2016 @ 9h00 – 16h00 – 27th (EC)² Conference on Big Data, Manufacture des Tabacs, Building S, Toulouse, France: Toulouse School of Economics, December 16–17, 2016, room Auditorium MS001 . The 27th (EC)² Conference will be held in Toulouse, France, December 16-17, 2016. As Chair of the Local Organizing Committee, I cordially invite you to attend. The final program will be available […]

DEVI seminar – Benoît Sainct

08/12/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Outliers detection in tax bases. Tax revenues, such as housing tax, represent a significant proportion of the resources of local and regional authorities in France. These incomes are mainly based on spontaneous statements by individuals about their own dwellings, which are regularly erroneous. To verify the veracity of these declarations is therefore a major issue. […]

DEVI seminar – Chunan Wang

24/11/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Flight Delay, Horizontal Product Differentiation and Airline Network. This paper investigates the dual roles of flight delay and horizontal product differentiation in airline network choice. A particular feature of this paper is the incorporation of all possible network structures in a three-city network, including a hub-and-spoke network (HS), point-to-point network (PP), mixed network (MX), 2-hub […]

DEVI seminar – Florence Nicol

10/11/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Unsupervised aircraft trajectories clustering: a minimum entropy approach. Florence Nicol, équipe DEVI, ENAC (conférencière) Stéphane Puechmorel, équipe OPTIM, ENAC

DEVI seminar – Chantal Latgé-Roucolle

13/10/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Dynamic Price Competition in the Air Transport Market: An Analysis on Long-Haul Routes • The pricing policy of airlines is based on revenue management. Revenue management analysts daily observe competitive prices and adapt the pricing of their company. This could lead to a sound homogenization of airlines pricing strategies while competing on the market. We […]

DEVI seminar – Steve Lawford

22/09/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Weighted Network Centrality Measures, with Application to U.S. Domestic Airlines • We propose natural extensions of unweighted measures of node centrality to weighted networks, which enable us to incorporate some of the spatial nature of airline networks. We provide practical recommendations, using route network data for U.S. domestic airlines. We then investigate the impact of […]

DEVI seminar – Christophe Genolini

08/09/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – La statistique haute performance • Big data… Tout le monde en parle, beaucoup en font, mais personne ne s’accorde sur la définition. En statistique, les big data commencent à une dizaine de Giga. En informatique, la limite serait plutôt de l’ordre de 100 téra… dix mille fois plus ! Pourquoi un tel écart ? Nos […]

DEVI seminar – Thierry Klein

07/07/2016 @ 11h00 – 11h45 – Analyse de sensibilité et indices de Sobol • Soit `f` une application dépendant de `d` variables d’entrées. Cette fonction est dans les applications une sorte de boîte noire modélisant un phénomène complexe. Un des objectifs de l’analyse de sensibilité est de déterminer quelles sont les variables importantes. Un indicateur couramment utilisé permettant de quantifier l’importance […]