Data Storytelling

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Storytelling with data is rapidly becoming prominent both in practice and academia. Leading media outlets such as the New York Times and the Guardian are increasingly exposing the general public to stories with visual depictions of data, or narrative visualizations.
Data videos – custom motion graphics combining both visual and auditory stimuli to promote a data story – are one among the seven genres of narrative visualizations. The popularity of data videos could be attributed to the diverse forms of narrative structures and the wide range of visuals they expose an audience to within a short presentation time.
As a result, researchers have argued that data videos can be highly impactful, making it a particularly interesting form of narrative visualization to study.

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    • visualisation de l’information (InfoVis)
    • interaction homme-machine (IHM)
    • visualisation de données multivariées dans le temps et l’espace
    • technique d’analyse de données (principalement basées pixels)

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