DEVI Seminar – Michel Boyom (university of Montpellier II)


10h30 - 11h30


ENAC, Library, Agora
7 avenue Edouard Belin, Toulouse

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Structure of complex systems

Complex systems are most often considered from the viewpoint of measurable spaces. Nevertheless, this approach can give rise to invariants from different mathematical structures: topological or differential. The purpose of this talk is to present some perspectives on the structuring of data:

  • At the conceptual level.
  • Equipping a *complex system* with a fixed mathematical structure, or embedding it as a subset of a set equipped with a fixed mathematical structure. Some common structures: combinatorial, configuration space, metric structure, physics & mechanics.

  • The problem of the existence of structures.
  • Hessian operator, gauge operator, etc.

  • Topological foundation of information geometry and statistical physics.