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DEVI seminar – Nathalie Lenoir

22/03/2018 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Learner Paths and Trajectories in MOOCs. Using original individual data recorded during the first session of a recent MOOC, we investigate learners’ paths and trajectories. We show that the heterogeneity in learners’ behaviour is strong, even among learners who studied a comparable proportion of the course. At an individual level, the number of different days […]

DEVI seminar – Nicolas Volta

08/02/2018 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – European regions and air routes’ dismissal risk. There is an ongoing debate on the impact of air transport infrastructure and accessibility on regional economic growth. What researchers have found is that air transportation can, at least in areas with latent potential, foster economic development. As a result, when airlines decide to open/close a route, the […]

Workshop DOFIN

26/01/2018 @ 8h00 – 17h00 – Functional Data and Information Geometry This workshop is the opportunity to present the results of the PEPS1-DOFIN project in collaboration between ENAC and the start-up Safety Line, based in Paris. This workshop aims also to open the discussion and exchanges between functional data statistics, information geometry and applied research. This event is organised by ENAC, […]

DEVI seminar – Florence Nicol

25/01/2018 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Detection of bad runway conditions using radar landing tracks. In air transportation, a huge amount of data is continuously recorded such as radar tracks that may be used for improving flight as well as airport safety. However, all known statistical algorithms, even those based on functional data, are unable to distinguish between a safety critical […]

DEVI seminar- Vincent Courjault-Radé

14/12/2017 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Ballstering: Density peak clustering for large datasets Ballstering belongs to the machine learning methods that aim to group in classes a set of objects that form the studied dataset, without any knowledge of true classes within it. This type of methods, of which k-means is one of the most famous representative, are named clustering methods. […]

DEVI seminar- Tatiana Seregina

23/11/2017 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Assessing Potential Impact of a New Transatlantic Route Under the EU-US Open Skies. International aviation was initially strictly regulated sector governed by bilateral agreements between States. Since the US deregulation Act in 1978, commercial aviation undergone significant changes towards liberalization. In 1992, U.S. started signing Open Skies Agreements (OSAs) that gave ability to make direct […]

GSI 2017 – 3rd conference on Geometric Science of Information

07/11/2017 – 09/11/2017 @ 0h00 – As for GSI’13 and GSI’15, the objective of this SEE GSI’17 conference, hosted in Paris, is to bring together pure/applied mathematicians and engineers, with common interest for Geometric tools and their applications for Information analysis. GSI 2017 affiche-gsi17 call-for-papers-gsi17

Séminaire DEVI – Clément Bouttier

12/10/2017 @ 11h00 – 12h00 – Optimisation globale sous incertitudes : algorithmes stochastiques et bandits continus avec application à la planification de trajectoires d’avions . Dans cet exposé, nous présenterons l’étude théorique et numérique d’algorithmes d’optimisation stochastiques adaptés au traitement du problème de planification des trajectoires d’avions en environnement incertain. L’optimisation des temps de vol et de la consommation de carburant […]