DEVI seminar – Élodie Perrin

23/06/2016 @ 11h30 – 12h00 – Étude de processus dynamique sur le réseau du transport aérien de l’Indonésie • Étant donné un réseau national de transport aérien dont les sommets sont les aéroports et dont les arêtes sont les liaisons desservies, nous voulons étudier comment adapter la structure du réseau à l’impact de la libéralisation du transport aérien. A priori cette […]

DEVI seminar – Aliya Ussinova

23/06/2016 @ 11h00 – 11h30 – The competitive response of airline companies on the aircraft technological innovation • In the context of NECTAR project,we study the air stakeholders’ behavior given the introduction of technological innovation, which allows to accommodate growing air traffic with lower impact on environment. One of the tasks made by ENAC researchers in NECTAR is to assess the […]

DEVI seminar – Benny Mantin

09/06/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Measuring competition intensity and product differentiation: evidence from the airline industry • Measuring the degree of competition in markets is essential for policy and decision makers. Commonly used structural indices (e.g., HHI) overlook the way in which firms compete, and hence their prices setting in markets. We propose a new measure: the Schedule (Temporal) Differentiation […]

DEVI seminar – Christian Bontemps

09/06/2016 @ 10h00 – 11h00 – Partial Identification in Entry Games (written with Rohit Kumar) • We provide a method for the estimation and the inference for static entry games with complete information. Because of the presence of multiple equilibria, the identification problem is complicated and in many cases would lead to a loss of point identification. However, because of the […]

DEVI seminar – Mehrdad Farzinpour

02/06/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Base de données ENAC/Transport aérien (Air Transport Data) • Mises à jour quotidiennement, les informations rassemblées dans nos bases de données du transport aérien proviennent de différentes sources : organismes internationaux, aéroports, compagnies, etc. Pour enrichir le contenu de ses bases et renforcer leur fiabilité, l’ENAC réalise également des enquêtes annuelles auprès des compagnies et […]

DEVI seminar – Estelle Malavolti

26/05/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – State-aids at regional airports, a two-sided market analysis • The European Commission that issued in 2005 guidelines on State Aids granted to airlines to address this issue, has introduced new ones in 2014 to tackle the issue of endless litigations and to take into account the new competitive conditions in the airline sector. These guidelines […]

DEVI seminar – Pascal Lezaud

14/04/2016 @ 11h15 – 12h15 – Graphes, degrés et tutti quanti • Coupons en leur milieu les m arêtes d’un graphe simple à n sommets, nous obtenons n points munis respectivement d’un certain nombre de brins, ce nombre est appelé le degré du sommet. Nous obtenons ainsi n nombres entiers de somme 2m. Réciproquement, étant donnée une suite de nombres entiers […]